Interview with the former Intern Milan Kovacevic: Designing success starts from scratch

By Imane Mdarhri and Qingyi Xu

As a Graphic Designer and an Artist, culture has been my passion and source of inspiration. My internship at LSBC was a great opportunity to work with a multicultural team, to express and create freely also, to be part of the big success. Mainly, designing success starts from scratch.

1- What did you study at university and what have you done after LSBC?

Currently, I am still studying at the Academy of Art. I am preparing a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Besides my studies,I work as a freelancer. My works are mostly related to the commercial and advertising sector.

2- What are your principal roles? Are there any deviations from your prior tasks in LSBC?

My role as a Graphic designer freelancer is to create the front-end side of projects, for example, banners, posters, and panels. Most of my projects are dedicated to the advertisement but, my personal touch as an artist is regularly based on the concept of Minimalism. It is an art movement based on geometric forms and shapes. In general, there was not a deviation from my prior tasks in LSBC. I still work on social media posters and stories.

3- How long was your internship? What were your tasks as an intern in LSBC?

My internship at LSBC was an eight-month experience as a Graphic Designer Intern. At that time, I was in my first year as a student. Even though, I was mastering all the basics of graphic designing including, the essential tools, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and AdobeIndesign. During my internship, I collaborated with the social media department, designed featured stories and posts for LSBC Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Also, I worked on LSBC website banners.

4- how would you describe your experience at LSBC?

My experience in LSBC was exciting. My tasks were mainly based on collaboration and communication with all the team, especially interns in the social media department. In the eight months, I had the occasion to meet people from all over the world, with different cultures and backgrounds. Also, I had the opportunity to learn the techniques of remote working and how to cooperate, with a multicultural team, in an international environment.

Milan Koracevic creation
Milan Koracevic
5- Which personal skills did you gain or improve at LSBC that helps you to grow as a freelancer?

My experience at LSBC helped me to improve my remote working skills, which are the essentials abilities for a freelancer. At the same time, being an intern at LSBC encouraged me to enhance my professional skills and to work on various aspects of graphic design, a skill that positively affects my works.

6- From your perspective, are there some tips or strategies to build a career in freelancing?

From my point of view, the essential tips to build a freelancing career is self-learning and the ability to work remotely. , Time management, organizing tasks, and duties s well, as maintaining mutual communication with the team. Essentially, mastering those skills and having an artistic aspect is mandatory to reach success. In short, designing success starts from scratch.

7- Will you choose to work remotely instead of an office job if you had a chance?

I will accept to work in an office or a design studio to gain field experience. However, as a concept, I prefer to work remotely, with a range of freedom and flexibility.

Milan Koracevic  Creation
Milan Koracevic
8- Due to Covid-19 a lot of companies stopped its activities and changed strategies in order to survive. How can you describe the situation in the sector of Design, which is based on creativity and innovation?

Globally, the situation is quite good because freelancing is an individual practice, and getting new customers or projects depends just on your own efforts. As I see, this crisis has motivated a lot of people to start their businesses from scratch either, in Graphic Design or other sectors.

9- How do you see the future of practices like freelancing and entrepreneurship in the post-COVID?

I think this is the perfect time to make a transition from regular working habits to all new and innovative practices.

10- What are your plans for the next 5-years?

Currently, I plan to collaborate or engaged with a Graphic Design Studio to exercise more and to put my professional skills into practice. In parallel, I am developing my soft-skills throughout the academic remote-courses also, via other online platforms like Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning, which, I recommend, highly for graphic design learning.

About my long-term goal, I am planning to complete my degree and do more internships. Then, after gaining sufficient experience, I will launch my own Graphic Design Studio.

“Learning from failure is the best tip to succeed in freelancing.”

Milan Kovacevic – Freelancer Graphic Designer