Introducing people behind the CISpace

Just right after the grandiose opening of the CISpace in the heart of Berlin, we would like to take a step back and recollect how the concept was born and developed. Meet here LSBC management, Iztok Petek who together with his son Anton Petek co-initiated the concept CISpace and masterminded the key elements of the project and Natasa Zajec, who contributed important insights, especially in marketing, PR and HR and also stands at the origins of the CISpace development.

1. I know both of you have a business background and a range of successfully implemented business projects. Why you chose a coworking space as your next project and why in Berlin? 

During the years of our professional work, and especially in the last seven years of managing LSBC, we noticed the need of people who are willing to co-create a business network and ideas, thus, seek opportunities for personal meetings with like-minded people and inspiring work environment, wherever they are. Those people are agile, dynamic and ready to take on new trends. Thus, based on our experience (both of us have been working remotely for few years) and as a strategical upgrade of the LSBC operations we launched this project. Our vision is to establish a chain of co-working spaces (LSBC refers to it as collaborative intelligence spaces) in major cities. We chose the pilot project in Berlin since this city is a hot spot for start-ups, freelancers, etc that are seeking for innovative ways of working.

2. In which way CISpace is different from a plethora of other collaborative spaces?

There already exist a lot of office-style coworking spaces as well as cafes with free Wi-Fi and power outlets where you also can work. CISpace has both options, since it is a fusion of co-working and café. Our visitors can enjoy working in an inspiring, cozy, and minimalistic Japanese-style environment. Simultaneously, co-workers can take advantage of a variety of freshly made light meals, excellent coffee, and beverages and have an opportunity to meet people at our various events for the different professional communities.

3.  What is the target audience of CISpace?

 We are aiming at freelancers, digital nomads, remote workers, employees on a business trip, people living or working in the neighborhood, and tourists. Our strategy has proven right already in the first month of operation (CISpace opened its doors in the midst of July 2019).

4. Which challenges have you faced before the CISpace opening?

 There were many. The biggest challenge was financing the project and then completing the construction works; the last one even forced us to postpone the opening day. Despite all the challenges, now we have the place, which is fully renovated and in accordance with the existing regulations of the city of Berlin. The interior design is based completely on our vision, and this was another big challenge – here we had to use all our imagination to create the environment for productive working. Most of the work at the interior we have done by ourselves, including craftwork.

5. What is the receipt to make a coworking space successful? In your opinion, which three factors make a coworking space commercially and socially successful?

 We believe that visitors have to feel genuine passion from the creators of the space. This formula does not apply only for coworking but rather for every successful business project. The next important thing is to create the right atmosphere and space design for the target group, combined with quality food and beverages and social events where they can talk and exchange ideas. 

6. If you can give a piece of advice to the coworkers, what would your advice to maximize the benefits of using a coworking?

Use the benefits of social events at your preferred coworking space, go around, grab a coffee and talk to your colleague at the neighboring desk.

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