Meet the face behind #3 – Ivo Grlica, Nobile Law Solutions

Meet Ivo Grlica – an ICO legal advisor and the founding partner of Nobile Law Solutions legal agency. In this interview, Ivo talks on how it is like to serve legal advice to innovative SME, his collaboration with LSBC, as well as the advantages of international oriented approach in business and possessing professional contacts. Read more to find out about the most understandable explanation of blockchain and about Nobile Law Solutions special offer for LSBC members!

At Nobile Law Solutions legal agency you provide legal service for internationally oriented and innovative SME companies. How does it differ to give legal advice in this field? Which and what are the main advantages of your service vis-a-vis your competition?

Our legal team has extensive experience in international business and IT law fields and has supported many SME companies in the launching of their innovative products or entering new markets.

Because we follow the most recent trends and aim at achieving widest possible international applicability, the legal documents we draft for our clients are based on the latest legal standards in international business, including e-commerce.

We always work closely with our clients to provide legal solutions that are not only based on the one-size-fits-all approach but customized to the specific product. This is also one of the main advantages vis-a-vis big law firms which charge expensive legal fees, yet, intrinsically, often do not actually understand the business needs of their clients. Therefore, they often provide legal advice which is either of limited value or completely unpractical.

At Nobile Law, on the other hand, we focus on solutions that will give the clients the highest possible value. We are committed to building long-term and lasting relationships with our clients which will be based on expertise, trust, and close cooperation. Our clients are companies which are market WINNERS, and we are happy to see that strong legal infrastructure is one of the cornerstones of their success stories.


Nobile Law Solutions has become a member of Luxembourg Slovenian Business Club. Why has your company become a member and what kind of opportunities does it offer you? What do you appreciate the most?

LSBC has always been at the frontier of most recent trends in international business, be it sharing economy, digitalization, or blockchain sector. Recently, for example, it is again pioneering in developing a decentralized working model and their own international internship system. It also provides great opportunities for internationalization, exchange of good practices and ideas among entrepreneurs and, of course,  networking. Nataša and Iztok really put not only much effort, but also their heart into making LSBC better and better each year, and this is also seen in the results.


Since 2017 you have served as an advisor to the Board of LSBC, in the field of blockchain and legal aspects of innovative technologies. But as an expert, how would you explain the concept of blockchain for someone that is hearing it for the first time?

At first sight, „blockchain” seems to be very technical and complex, but in reality, it actually represents a very simple concept. It is about technical solutions that enable a transfer of something of value online, through a decentralized and transparent database.

To explain, if I wanted to send „money” automatically through the internet (e.g., through email), this money could be copied without limitations. Thus, in monetary transactions, some central authority needs to clear each transaction and confirm that it has in fact happened. Traditionally, we, therefore, needed some reliable central institution, such as a bank, to confirm that person A has sent the money (and thus does not have it anymore; i.e., has -1 unit of money) and that person B has received it (thus has more money, +1 unit).

In the case of the blockchain, the need for the bank clearing the transaction is replaced by an auditable, transparent and secure decentralized system. That way, we can send the value (for example, tokens representing the money) from one to another without any financial intermediary.

Furthermore, the transactions are nearly instant, they are not dependent on business hours of the particular bank (transactions are processed also on weekends and public holidays), and are also much cheaper (especially in case of sending money abroad where high banking fees can be incurred).

In future, we can imagine not only money, but also other things of value (e.g. tokenized real estate, precious metals, or shares in companies) being transferred peer-to-peer securely, transparently and efficiently through the blockchain. Thus, the need for slow, costly and inefficient intermediaries in such transactions will be eliminated.

Blockchain-based public records, such as land registry (from which the ownership of real estate is visible) or court registry (showing the ownership of companies) could also be much more efficient and reliable than centralized registries we have now, where each transaction needs to be cleared manually, which takes time (in case of land registry, even months) and requires substantive human resources.


As an alumnus to renowned Vienna LL.M. for international taxation, you have access to global network of best international tax lawyers. Your LinkedIn connections count more than 27 thousand professional connections. How important for you is building a network of professional contacts this way and getting everyday feedback to your posts? What are the advantages of possessing new contacts online?

In legal business, networking is very important. Clients are not simply satisfied with the lawyer who is only well experienced but want the lawyer who is also internationally connected and well informed about the most recent business and regulatory developments and trends. Many times in international business, it is such a lawyer who can move the deal forward when he talks or negotiations have stalled. In my experience, there were many instances where lawyers in the end „saved the day” for the clients and made rewarding commercial deals possible by eliminating legal and other obstacles and enabling trust.


In today’s world, nobody needs to be convinced to travel abroad. Interns of LSBC come from all across the world. You have studied both in your home country and abroad. Do you think it helps you being an open-minded entrepreneur?

Nowadays, studying abroad and gaining international experience is a must for young entrepreneurs. It helps to open young minds to new ideas and also exposes them to a wide range of opportunities. In a sense, it is therefore almost as valuable and necessary as obtaining a formal education.


At Nobile Law Solutions you have created an internship model based on the LSBC best practice of working with interns. Could you explain how does it work in practice for you?

Yes – in conceptualizing our „Nobile” internship model we have relied greatly on an experience of LSBC which is a pioneer in developing creative and value-adding work environments.

The „Nobile” internship program is designed to offer our interns valuable experience in internationally oriented legal consulting agency an opportunity to experience and develop knowledge in a diverse range of legal and business fields.

So far, we have been impressed by the number of applications already received, which indicates quite an interest in such internships. However, the program is scheduled only to start in March next year when we expect our first interns to start their program. Thus, only then will we be able to speak about assessing the results of the program. We are of course confident that the program will be a great success and later will also be expanded.


Nobile Law Solutions has prepared a special offer for the members of Luxembourg Slovenia Business Club! Each member is offered to use a special discount for legal services (-20%) till the end of January. For more info, check Nobile Law Solutions website.