Kompas d.d.

Kompas is one of the travel industry’s most dynamic companies and a major provider of services in Europe. A tradition of excellence spanning over 60 years, a wide international corporate network and professional staff, guarantee that Kompas is the right business partner for you for the future.

• A wide range of attractive itineraries and packages

• Customised travel solutions

• Best price-performance ratio

• High-quality support available 24/7

• Reliable quality

The Kompas International Travel Group consists of over 19 companies, 6 representative o ces and 1 franchise o ce, totalling 50 units around the world, which give us the advantage of having in-depth knowledge of local particularities at top destinations, and also allow us to co-create industry trends.

The real value and warranty of Kompas’ success are its 480 highly motivated and professional full-time employees, supported by a further 300 associates during peak seasons.


Company: Kompas d.d.
Address: Dunajska 117, SI – 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe
Contact person: Sara Milanič
Phone/Fax: +38612006200
Email: headquarter@kompas.si
Webpage: http://www.kompas-online.net/