Marketing and sales

How different are they?

Within a company, the sales department and the marketing department have traditionally been separate departments.

The sales department is responsible for negotiating and closing agreements. The marketing department is in charge of transmitting the value and message of the company in a creative way through advertising or events.

But both marketing and sales professionals have one common goal: to make money for the company.

Ingenious advertisements, beautiful advertising or gifts are only useful if they generate income.

Today, marketing professionals in the digital age are heavily involved in the sales process. They use CRM tools to research their customers or to find potential customers.

Because of this, the question arises as to whether marketers should work side by side with the sales department.

Be the center of the customer experience

Sellers know that customer loyalty comes from the positive customer experience with the brand. Easy access to data allows customers to do their own research and draw their own conclusions before purchasing a product.

Thanks to social networks, there are now many more intermediate points between the brand and the customer. It is the task of marketers to build brand loyalty, with a view to establishing relationships that go beyond the sale of a product.

In conclusion, if marketing is to deliver sales, marketers need to think like sellers.

The space between the two disciplines is narrower than ever. Marketers must meet the same standards as the sales department, which are judged on both performance and revenue.

And, if marketing activities can’t be linked to increased revenue or potential customers, then marketers aren’t doing their job right.



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