Meet the face behind #4 – Strahinja Tirnanić, Proman Consulting

Meet Strahinja Tirnanić – LSBC Advisor to the Board and founder of Proman Consulting, management consulting agency. Strahinja, young Serbian entrepreneur talks about how he started his own business, his personal experience with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange program and collaboration with LSBC. Read more to find out also what made Strahinja switch to go from local to global.

When and why did you decide to open your own business? What kind of services do you offer?

The idea of running my own business long time was inside me as a vision. With six years of experience in business, continuous education and a number of business contacts my self-confidence has grown. Additionally, I got positive feedbacksand support from my environment which influenced my decision profoundly.I started developing several business plans around my idea and after six months, in July 2018 the Proman Consulting was born. Proman is a creative full-service studio, with a focus on digital marketing, business consulting and project management. We are creating identities, campaigns, social media strategies and content creation, writing projects, recruiting and educating human resources, building up small businesses, etc

How did you hear about Erasmus for young entrepreneurs, what were your expectations? Why did you choose Luxembourg-Slovenian Business Club?

Totally accidentally! I saw an event on Facebook about the Info day for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs in my city. As I was just on my way to Switzerland on that day I contacted organizers and ask if we can schedule a meeting upon my return. They said yes and my journey in international business started. I have chosen LSBC as a host organization because they were offering a vast space of activities, new ways of working and leading, creative and intercultural environment. I was sure this will be a great challenge for me, and I was also looking forward to explore Slovenia and its business environment.My philosophy is that I never expect too much so I always get more satisfied. I only expected a new challenge.

How was your experience with LSBC, what were your role and goals at LSBC? Did the experience with LSBC help you as an entrepreneur?

Absolutely. Within my exchange stay in Ljubljana I served a Program Director in LSBC. My main duties were to lead and organize a team of sixinternational interns, coordinating all operational tasks, and developing the strategy and yearly program for 2019 in close collaboration with the LSBC management. My main goal during my stay was to gain international experience, additional knowledge, and new contacts and I did all of that. So I am completely free to say that the experience has helped me a lot at my endeavors as a young, new entrepreneur.

What are the outcomes of your experience, did it help at your own business?

There is a number of them, but I would like to stress out the most important; new knowledge and skills in leadingremotely an international team and advanced use of a several digital tools. I have expanded my network with a number of managers, entrepreneurs and executives, and finally I signed business contracts for marketing and EU projects with several new customers. That helped my business grow internationally already in the first year of operation.

After completing the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange you are continuing your stay as an Advisor to the Board of LSBC. What kind of advice do you provide?

Yes, I am very glad that we continue our partnership on a long term as a result of good collaboration during exchange. I act as an Advisor in the fields of digital marketing and organization development, but always willing to help in other fields when the necessity comes.

Starting from this year, your company has also become a member of LSBC. What do you see as a benefit of this membership, would you recommend it to other companies?

That’s right, Proman Consulting became a member of the Luxembourg-Slovenian Business Club. We are very proud to be in a company with global enterprises such as ProNewTech, Kompas, Korona, NobileLawSolution, The Blockchain Academy, Infrachain, PGN.Global, and many others. We see this as a great opportunity to expand our network further, to exchange knowledge with same-minded people, new experience, and services. The growth is possible only by internationalization! And that would be my recommendation on why to join LSBC.