Meetup: How to Take the Maximum From Your Internship

LSBC is a skyscraper of great minds!

On Thursday the 7th of May our Advisor to the Board, Strahinja Tirnanic, and our Executive Director, Natasa Zajec, gave a speech on a virtual platform for their interns. They talked about the adventure of LSBC, the story behind its success, and how to take the maximum from our internship.

During this occasion, also former interns spoke about their experiences at LSBC and what they are currently working at.

The webinar took place at 18.00 CEST and involved about 30 participants from all over the world, who had worked or will work in LSBC.

For this reason, it was a great chance to listen and meet former, current, and also future interns, who had the opportunity to get to know for the first time the complete team of LSBC.

Thanks to this webinar, everyone got a chance to get to know each other. Some colleagues met again after two years and saw each other because of this event.

LSBC Webinar

Our hosts created a great atmosphere, that allowed everyone to share their experiences and knowledge.

LSBC, once again, showed us how one company can be connected and friendly and how it is possible to trust each other even virtually. In fact, the Luxembourg-Slovenian Business Club is a community-driven network, that believes in the team spirit and the power of young talents.

Because of this, our organization is different than other companies.

It gives the opportunity to students and graduates to gain experience when they are studying or just entering the world of work. It trusts them and supports them in creating and implementing new ideas. And meanwhile, they are doing it, they are also learning and improving themselves.

LSBC is a big step and asset in our career path.

Thank you again for this awesome webinar and for showing us how to take the maximum from our internship.