Want To Know The Most Powerful 2021 Business Trends?

by Mila Kalajdzieva

So many new business trends, so little time to cover them all. 2021 witnessed almost unprecedented growth and development in the world of business. However, some practices were more prevalent than others and caused a shift in the working life of many professionals.

Whether it was a change of ideas, methods, techniques, or just an overall switch in the working atmosphere, many businesses saw their old habits were no longer productive. This kickstarted an implementation of new trends and practices that place the worker in the spotlight. 2021, although difficult, encouraged companies and organizations to aid their employees and pay mind to their mental health and general happiness. So, what were the top business trends of this trying year?

Remote work galore

In 2020, we saw the introduction of a new mainstream form of work -remote. In 2021, this practice skyrocketed and now approximately 15% of EU workers are remote. However, this is no surprise. As many opt to trade their physical office for a home workspace, employees are more productive, happy, and relaxed. No wonder working from home is on the rise – who doesn’t crave the opportunity to do a job in their pajamas, take a break whenever needed, and hang out with their pets? Such business trends have unearthed that employees need comfort to be productive. When workers are content and fulfilled, they work more and work well.

Mental health support

After the year we’ve had, we all deserve some mental health support. Luckily, businesses have pinpointed the need for such services and have provided them to their employees at an increasing rate. Whether it’s a designated company psychiatrist, a premium subscription to a meditation app, or simply the addition of personal days off, employers are striving to aid their worker’s mind maladies. These additions have increased employee morale and productivity and have facilitated the completion of work tasks. Calm and relaxed employees are more likely to show enthusiasm and loyalty to their employers. This trend has shifted the way businesses interact with their workers for the better, and it has indisputably resulted in better mental health and happiness for everyone involved.

Focus on sustainability

Millennials and Gen-Zers have been the reason for many recent business trends, with the most prevalent being sustainability. Sustainable (green) businesses don’t negatively affect the environment, society, or economy. Lowering our environmental footprint is in everyone’s best interest. At the end of the day, there is no “Planet B”, so whether we make or break ours is entirely up to us. But how do you make your business more sustainable?
Suppose you run a small retail company. The starting point is utilizing sustainably sourced materials for your clothes. These might be less financially viable at first, but they will manifest their worth in the long run. Another thing you can do is recycle, recycle, recycle! Don’t discard unused materials or mismade garments. And last but not least, make use of remote work – as mentioned above. Businesses can definitely be run fully remotely, and be amazingly successful!

Relationships at the core

Social media seems to be a magic fairy making all your business dreams come true! Recently, social media networking sites have propelled brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty more than ever before. Customers love building relationships with their favorite brands, relating to them, and receiving reciprocity from the other side. This can be done by using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. By establishing the business as a friend to the customers, you create a bonding experience that encourages loyalty and favoritism. Many enterprises employ social media managers to upkeep the company’s profiles and engage with the customers. These employees answer questions in the comments, post lively content to be enjoyed, set up brand recognition and awareness, and many other things. Employing social media sites in your business strategy is one of the few business trends that likely won’t go away in the near future.