Nailing Online Meetings

The outbreak of covid-19 has brought about groundbreaking changes to the majority of the population around the world. From the way you wake up and go to sleep and the way you work, nothing seems to be the same anymore. With a simple log into your Facebook account, you find all sorts of articles, news and views about the coronavirus – some pessimistic and some optimistic. However, I am sure another motivational speech is not what you need to get you going through the pandemic. Beyond any doubt, this is not a time in history where it is enough to know, you have to know-how.

Maybe one of the major changes in work at this time is the turn to work at home for many individuals. What does that mean? Naturally, a load of interviews, calls, and meetings being conducted online. This is a comprehensive guide to making online meetings work not only for you but also for your co-workers.

Prepare yourself for the meeting

The approach is everything. Just because it is an online meeting that does not mean it is okay to wake up ten minutes before the meeting starts in your pajamas in the hope you are going to wake up sometime during the conversation. I know it might be hard for a lot of people who feel drained and hopeless by the pandemic but we have a choice. During the interview be sure to keep a good posture that will ensure you won’t become lethargic. Research has actually confirmed that our body posture has an impact on the activity of your brain. For instance, faking a confident posture can make you feel more confident, and an upright posture more awake. If you want further information this is an excellent Ted-talk by social psychologist Ammy Cuddy that has years of research on the field “Your body language may shape who you are”.

Choose the right space

Bad internet connection, Loud noises in the background, problems in communication, difficulty in the flow of the meeting, a relative busting in during a video call. I am sure most people who have some experience in remote interviews are familiar with these problems. But this time around you know better. Therefore check all the spots in your house to see where you have the best internet connection and make a note of informing your roommates, parents, or husband that you will be preoccupied for a certain period and you require some peace & quiet. All these go a long way towards you maintaining your focus and having a satisfying meeting.

Make the right choices

Technology has evolved dramatically in the last decade and it might be a time to fully take advantage of it now. A variety of online meetings platforms (such as Zoom & Skype ) give you the right to record video calls. If your colleagues agree to the recording of your meeting then it might be one of the best strategies you can use because that means you can go over points of the conversation on your own time. Not to mention that by recording the conversation your meetings can become less chaotic as you can invite only the necessary people on to the actual meeting and then share the recording with the rest of the co-workers, therefore being more productive & making everyone feel included.

During the call, you can also suggest that you use some online platforms for voting or even learning and sharing content such as Nearpod or DirectVoteLive. That way, you ensure the engagement of all the participants in the meeting as it becomes more interactive.


Navigating through a pandemic might be challenging but also very productive. Maybe you can never have the ideal remote meeting but you can always try to do your best. By implementing all the above strategies you set yourself up for successful remote meetings that will hone your skills and make you more confident in the long run.