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Virtual Roundtable: “Never waste a good crisis”

Doing business after Corona

LSBC in collaboration with SDBP, welcome all contributors to the economic sector, to join our Virtual Roundtable: Virtual Roundtable: “Never waste a good crisis” (Winston Churchill) – Doing business after Corona.

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Slovenia: Hidden gem for high-tech investments

The event will take place in March 2018 (date TBC) in Luxembourg and tackling the following questions: How could Luxembourg companies benefit from these developments? What are the existing opportunities for Luxembourg companies in this market? Where are the greatest opportunities for Luxembourgish investors?

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International opportunities in ICT

International opportunities in ICT

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

Information & Communication Technology is a broad sector that imposes its presence in various sectors.

It needs essential expertise in the world of business and project management.

This can drive leaders and entrepreneurs to get interested in webinars & training to discover ICT industry potentials and attain further opportunities.

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Gamification and Ice Breaking Activities in Business Life

By Yelda Vedia Şimşek

Gamification means adding game mechanisms into other environments like learning, managing, and businesses. This method aims to increase the loyalty of the users by using the participation and entertainment element. To sum up, Gamification makes the definition of friendly competition. On the other hand, ice-breaking activities are applications that improve team dynamics. These aim to instil in employees qualities like cooperation and self-sacrifice for a specific cause. As a result, icebreaking activities and gamification help warm up the conversation among the participants in a group. These also help improve the efficiency and competition of training or meetings by strengthening bonds between participants.

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webinar of LSBC

Meetup: How to Take the Maximum From Your Internship

LSBC is a skyscraper of great minds!

On Thursday the 7th of May our Advisor to the Board, Strahinja Tirnanic, and our Executive Director, Natasa Zajec, gave a speech on a virtual platform for their interns. They talked about the adventure of LSBC, the story behind its success, and how to take the maximum from our internship.

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LSBC selected for a b2fair Business award for constant support on coll ...

Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has developed a B2B platform b2fair in which matchmaking events are combined with fairs and in newer versions, also other forms of contact. LSBC has been since 2014 official partner for Slovenia. The idea is for SMEs to consult and choose from the online catalogue containing detailed company profiles with their cooperation wishes, have the face-to-face meetings withthe chosen companies and thus develop their international business cooperation.

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ESIC does work for Slovenian jobs!

LSBC once again has co-organized a successful event! East Slovenia Investment Compass does a real work for protecting and creating new, high-quality job positions in Slovenia.

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Turn your compass to ESIC 2018!

LSBC has a pleasure to invite for the East Slovenia Investment Compass event in the upcoming week.

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