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Crowdsourcing Methodology

By Aliu A. Onifade

During the analysis phase and the design phase of the design or software development project, developers must ask various questions, conduct researches, and test their prototypes to create a serviceable product (Grier, 2013).

In particular, traditional research methods such as focus group interviews or surveys could be immensely time consuming and costly. On the other hand, crowdsourcing provides a swift and inexpensive solution.

Most specifically, crowdsourcing relies on the intelligence of the “crowd” to perform tasks in exchange for compensation. In other words, it’s outsourcing to a crowd.

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Governance as Platform: The Power of Crowds and Grassroots Democracy

By Aliu A. Onifade

The introduction of government as a platform has sparked both political and academic debates about the role of government, in the creation of platforms that enables the growth of citizens and businesses in society (O’Reilly, 2011).

The major discussions are on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in promoting and actualizing this platform thinking.

However, it was argued that the actualization of such platform thinking will not only require the use of ICT but also involve the creation of new institutions that are completely different from the way traditional governmental institutions are organized (Loosermoore, 2018).

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The Importance of Company Culture

By Katie Kabat

How the company culture affects the customer experience.

Keeping the company culture positive and strong keeps a company thriving for many reasons. A good, strong company culture brings in the best talent for the company, which makes it more likely to fulfil customer experiences, bringing the business closer to success.

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Gamification and Ice Breaking Activities in Business Life

By Yelda Vedia Şimşek

Gamification means adding game mechanisms into other environments like learning, managing, and businesses. This method aims to increase the loyalty of the users by using the participation and entertainment element. To sum up, Gamification makes the definition of friendly competition. On the other hand, ice-breaking activities are applications that improve team dynamics. These aim to instil in employees qualities like cooperation and self-sacrifice for a specific cause. As a result, icebreaking activities and gamification help warm up the conversation among the participants in a group. These also help improve the efficiency and competition of training or meetings by strengthening bonds between participants.

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Workplace Behaviour and Attitude: A study of Organisational Ethics and ...

By Aliu A. Onifade

Ethics can be defined as best practices that provide insightful knowledge about what is right or wrong in the workplace (Prabhakar, 2011). For example, products, services, and inter-personal relationships in a company are brought about by ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In most cases, ethical business practices yield success.

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Cultural Diversity in Business

Cultural diversity in Business: When diversity becomes Blessing

By Imane Mdarhri

“Culture” is a term without a standard definition and a field featuring two contrasting sides. And because, the significance of culture is deeper, finding the right definition can be arduous. However, we can consider culture to be an open term with an individual and unique definition. Today, cultural diversity in business is a blessing.

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Doing Business in Slovenia: Tips for International Entrepreneurs

By Viktoriia Dorofeieva

CW Intern of LSBC

Slovenia is an attractive country for business. The very first information that appears in search results for “business in Slovenia” is the financial accessibility for building a business. In many cases, is provided the taxation’ system, calculation of revenue and expenditures for companies as well as worker’ salaries.

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Community building for business: What, Why, and How?

The future of business is in creating communities. In the era of the platform economy, it is essential for success to create a virtual or offline platform of adherents of the brand and its products. Currently, successful brands tend to make their marketing more human by building a community of fans. The main component of any business community building is the creation of the values. In other words, a community is formed around the common values a business product or service creates in people’s lives.

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LSBC, with the support of the Honorary Consul organized a series of pr ...

Luxembourg-Slovenian Business Club LSBC, with the support of the Honorary Consulate of Slovenia to the Grand Duchy, organized a series of pre-scheduled meetings for the Slovenian company Kompas d.d.

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HPC – Big Data Expert Mission

ProNewTech in Luxembourg is looking for an engineering company in Slovenia who is specialized in High Performance Computing and Big Data. The purpose of the mission will be to provide technical support to the ProNewTech team in order to develop a concept for the implementation of an HPC/High Performance Data Analytics.

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Inquiry: B2B partners in e-HR

Belgian Company is looking for B2B partners for expanding of their ethical HR platform in Slovenia and SEE region .
Sector: HR / Service to Companies
Contact: e-THIC HR

Inquiry: Project partners in Space

Luxembourg Institite of Science and Technology (LIST) is capitalising on close collaboration and the implementation of strategic research partnerships with the private sector. Currently they are looking for partner comapnies in Space sector fronm Slovenia and SEE region for joint research projects.
Sector: Space tehnologies
Contact: LIST