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5 Impacts of COVID-19 on the Global Business Market

By Elif Çalışkan

There is widespread agreement among economists that COVID-19 will have severe different impacts on the global business market. However, despite the danger that the global economy is in, there is a hope to avoid the worst-case scenarios. Because economy experts show us different impacts of COVID-19 and guides to eliminate the worst scenarios (Duffin, 2020). We will explain the 5 impacts of COVID-19 on the global business market.

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A Fresh Graduate

A Fresh Graduate, Why Investing?

By Imane Mdarhri

Investing as a fresh graduate brings self-satisfaction and pride, affords life out of your comfort zone, and mainly guarantees success in a perfect way.

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Why You Should Start Networking

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Invest in Slovenia:9 reasons why you should.

Most foreign investors are attracted by Slovenia’s strategic position at the heart of Europe, its excellent transport and ITC infrastructure, its value chains, industry clusters and centres of excellence. Investors keen on locating their operations at the heart of the market with 500 million consumers will find Slovenia’s international commercial contacts and the land-sea-air transport system ideal.

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Building land plot Shipyard Izola

Superb investment opportunity: Elite seaside property in Izola

Property equipped on the seashore

Izola Shipyard is located on the coast, in the northeastern part of the Peninsula, near the historic centre of the city of Izola.

The land plot has ruined shipyard facilities and industrial equipment suitable for demolition. The land is easily accessible and has a good utility infrastructure.

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Investment land plot Argolina

Excellent site for tourism and residential facilities

This is an excellent location with great development potential near the Izola Marina. The plot is located in the Izola district and is close to a road and a bicycle track that easily connect with the city centre.

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Attractive building land in Podutik (Ljubljana)

Land with development potencial for high added value : 14 parcels of terraced land

Firstly, this abandoned land complex offers the opportunity to become a magnificent contemporary residential district. It is composed of 14 plots with an area of 44,511 m².

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An attractive transport location for the arrangement of a tourist location with a water environment surrounded by green unspoiled nature, with catering and accommodation, as well as outdoor sports and recreation in the immediate hinterland of the Croatian littoral, Trieste.

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The tourist resort Klevevž

The aim of the project is to create a representative and unique tourist resort for providing top-quality services. The Municipality of Šmarješke Toplice is known as a health spa municipality and a well-known tourist area where there is considerable potential for the development of world-class tourism.

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Building land plot Rožna dolina

Investment opportunity: Residential Development with high added value

In Rozna Dolina, one of the most attractive residential areas in Ljubljana, is where this land complex is located.

First of all, its excellent infrastructure in public services and its proximity to the ring road and the center are two of the great advantages of the site.

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Geothermal Power Plant and Natural CO2 Liquefaction Plant

In the municipality of Benedikt a borehole for the exploitation of geothermal energy has been explored. The max capacity of the borehole is ca. 50 l/s of water, which has a temperature of 80°C: when cooling 50 l / s of water with 80 ° C at 30 ° C, a heat transfer of 10,5 MW is obtained, when cooling 50 l / s of water from 80 ° C to 60 ° C, a heat transfer4,2 MW is obtained.

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Medical – Thermal Center Benedikt

In municipality of Benedikt is a hole with hot water. It is usable for: geothermal power plant, medical-thermal treatments – tourisem, aquaponic – food production.

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