Procrastinating: How to stop this behaviour?

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

How to Stop Procrastinating? In this day and age, it is much harder than it used to be because of social media, the showbiz industry, etc.

There are two ways to approach procrastination. Ending procrastination or ending distraction. These two tips will help you to stop procrastinating.

The Atmosphere around you.

One is, you need to control your environment. Procrastination is just a form of anxiety. There is something important in your life and, because it is so important, it can scare you, and because it scares you, you will naturally find other things to do and focus on. Try to Remove your phone or avoid even bring your phone to your workplace or turn it off. When you are not working online, disconnect the Internet or download one of those apps that block a bunch of websites and social media and things like that. Basically, try setting up your workspace accordingly.

The Psychological approach.

The next thing to do is to “bring the scale down.” There is one thing that people do when they get nervous about something that is: they will always blow it up in their heads. Let’s say I’m anxious about writing a book or trying to complete a project.

If I’m going to think in my head, ” it is going to be 400 pages and, it’s going to be this massive thing with all the stuff going on and amazing stories. If I’m trying to hold all of that in my head simultaneously, it will drive me crazy. It will make me terrified because I’m asking my brain to analyze and focus on this massive thing that will probably take years.

What’s assuredly more valuable is simply sitting down and thinking like, “Okay, what kind of great paragraph can I write here?”. Then, you can take it line by line and not worrying about the bigger picture. Moreover, when you can think like that, it becomes way more manageable; anybody can write a paragraph or write any sentence.
Finally, try to set some small goals. When you achieve some of those goals, it will be beneficial. In fact, it will eventually lead and help you with achieving bigger goals.


To conclude, always try to set some small goals for yourself while trying to achieve them. Never let some negative environment around you affect your performance in your daily life. Keep the bigger picture in the back of your head so that you can stay motivated.

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