Proman Consulting

Proman Consulting is a management consulting agency that provides a full-management-service to your business. Creates marketing campaigns and identities, social media strategy, and content creatives, build and organizes new businesses, but improves and reorganizes existing ones, writes and executing projects, recruits and educates human resources.

Proman customizes each marketing strategy and project to meet the needs of each client, from global companies and online services to local, service-based businesses. Solving business problems by fusing creativity, innovation, strategy, and craft. Proman received the title from the abbreviated phrase “Professional Management”.


Company: Proman Consulting.
Address: Kneza Miloša 31/48, 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia
Contact person: Strahinja Tirnanić
Phone/Fax: + 381 69 75 24 88