Slovenian Proton Therapy Center for Cancer Treatment with regional dimension

SLOVENIAN PROTON THERAPY CENTRE (SI PTC) is to be recognized as the regional patient focused facility where the therapy and science are combining for the optimum contribution to the society.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia; in the vicinity of the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana (IOL)

Sector: Medical/ HUMAN HEALTH

Phase: Location: already confirmed two possible locations, Clinical partnership: the OIL Council confirmed the full OIL commitment and support for all the necessary activities, Technology partnership: 4 possible set-ups, Financial partnership: PPP under EFSI using EIB backup for the government

Investment vol.: 130 mio EUR

Exp. Time ROI: 7 – 8 years

Type of investment: Financed as an advanced PPP using EFSI for regional strategic investment.
Contact: Invest Podravje
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