Remarkable Ways to Eliminate Common Timewasters in your Office

Because of a multitude of reasons, it can be hard to manage your employee’s time at the office. After all, it is widely known that employees sometimes aren’t engaged enough in their workplace and instead of being productive engage in common timewasters. To find a solution for this we have to look at the source of these issues.

We should ascertain what exactly these common timewasters are. What are your employees doing in their work time? Everybody knows about social media like Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook. These apps do not force people to obsessively scroll them, but they might as well, given what is the conclusion. When working remotely people also tend to blatantly read books and play video games. This trend has grown immensely in recent years but has always been an issue in most offices.

For a solution, we have to look no further than basic social sciences. The most important thing to pay attention to is Communication. Talk to your employees! When they do good work reflect that by positive reinforcement and promises. It sounds simple but so many employers do not even try. If the employees feel watched and appreciated you will see results rather quickly. Another very simple way is just giving your employees work. With your employees having different responsiblities, there undoubtedly are times when some are swamped and some are more free. Relegating some work from person to person can do a lot for your offices poductivity. After all team work makes the dream work!

In the end, what you really should as a manager is to understand your employees. What do they want? As a manager having a quick update Zoom or popping in their cubicle for some socializing will keep them on their toes and keep your productivity up.