RES coalition and Sava hydroplants

A green change is coming

In according to the Slovenian Press Agency news, the Slovenian government coalition is trying to promote renewable sources of energy. The campaign includes using the energy from the Sava river. This solution would help Slovenian environmental stay ecological, but also it would encourage potential investors for this region. It seems like a golden era for hydropower builders.

Renewable sources of Sava energy

Due to this project, it is planned to close the concession deal with Holding Slovenske Elektrarne for power stations for the power stations on the central part of river Sava. This way the water-energy would be used more efficiently. A green reform should make energy prices more accessible, as well as the sector would be more competitive.

Another aim of the project is to keep continuing the construction of a modern energy sector and at the same time – digitalizing the sector. To make the changes easier to implement, a new legislative is in preparation. This way the will make Slovenia more interesting for those who would like to invest in the sustainable business.


Korona and RES offer

Altogether, the recent news suggests that the time for companies that offer renewable energy sources services has never been so promising. One of the most prominent Slovenian brands is Korona d.o.o. In Korona the most emphasis is devote to hydropower energy. This is a field where the company has the most experience, knowledge and best track record. Recently, they have also devoted attention to wind and solar energy. In particular, Korona is active in photovoltaic energy, which in recent years has experienced dynamic expansion worldwide and also in Slovenia.
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