The restauration of the future will be digital

Digital Evolution in the catering sector

The 1980s marked the beginning of the introduction of personal computers in companies. A phenomenon that improved the productivity of employess and increased the turnover of those businesses that adopted this technology. In contrast, the catering sector took the longest to enter the new digital universe. It was not until the late 1990s that restaurants took advantage of the new opportunities present on the Internet.

Consequently, since the launch of Iphone and the launch of smartphones, the sector’s digitalisation has not stopped growing.

Conquering to enriching the customer experience or optimizing processes cannot do without its digital revolution. So that, Consumers expect innovations to be deployed on a large scale.

Likewise, Leaders in the fast food industry, such as McDonald’s or Starbucks, have already invented the omnichannel course. Some of the advantages that this can be offer may be:

– Increasing attendance
– Renewing the customer experience
– Improving processes and profitability

Furthermore, experts also analyze that the degree of digitisation of independent restaurants is based on the existence of platforms.


FastMenu is an application which helps to restaurants to better understand and improve their business. It makes it easy to take online and mobile orders.

Fastmenu will make you increase the online visibility by integrating new ordering channels and the most important thing: It will build customer loyalty.

Other advantages that this system can offer are:

– Powerful logistic system which helps restaurants in managing deliveries.
– Better management of delivery orders.
– Choose the best route.

In conclusion, what comes next is to begin to understand the restaurant not as a physical place. Technology is going to bring gastronomy closer to users than ever before. You have to think that the lounge of the restaurant is no longer just the lounge of the restaurant but the lounge of our homes, and FastMenu helps in this process.

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