Skylabs got a MOS golden award

Skylabs took a part in 51st MOS exhibition for the third time in a row and won its golden award! The exhibition is one of the biggest and the most prominent fair trade event for this part of Europe. The meeting of about 1500 exhibitors from 35 countries, as well as 125000 visitors, gives a unique business opportunity.

MOS is focused on innovations, development and the latest advances, the more the golden award for our member, Skylabs, seems to be a great acknowledgment. The company has been awarded for its newest product, innovative fault tolerant small-scale soft-core processor. According to Skylabs’ description, PicoSkyFT is currently the only small-scale FT processor core applicable for the aerospace industry and owned by EU company.
We are very proud of having Skylabs in LSBC network and wish the company further successes!

Read more about on Skylabs website: