Skylabs at RADECS

After the success at MOS Celje, Skylabs did not rest on its laurels. The company team went to Gothenburg in Sweden to attend the conferences on RADECS – Radiation Effects on Components and Systems.

RADECS conferences 2018

The aim of these conferences is to provide an annual European forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest advances in the field of radiation effects on electronic and photonic materials, devices, circuits, sensors, and systems. The scope of the conference encompasses technological processes and design techniques for producing radiation tolerant systems for space, aeronautical or terrestrial applications, as well as relevant methodologies for their characterization and qualification.

Skylabs’ stand

Skylabs, as an exhibitor and conference participant, has presented the results of PicoSkyFT radiation campaigns. Read more about the project our last update about Skylabs. The RADECS event is still going on today and you can meet our member at the stand number 30!