Slovenian company gets award for satellite imaging solution

Slovenian company Sinergise has won a European Space Agency (ESA) award for a solution that significantly reduces the time it takes from the satellite taking an image to the image being available for use.

The company won the Copernicus Masters challenge in the category open cloud challenge for its Sentinel Hub, an innovative methods of efficiently processing and distributing data, ESA said.

Sinergise focuses on the development of geographic information systems (GIS) for property management, agriculture and Geopedia cloud services.

It has been using freely available data from ESA’s Sentinel satellites but at some point figured out existing technologies were not capable enough to deal with the volume of data.

Their solution, Sentinel Hub, simplifies the archiving, processing and delivery of satellite images, which shortens the time of image availability from hours to seconds.

While the solution, which uses Amazon’s cloud service, is focused on Sentinel satellites, it also supports NASA’s Landsat and several providers of commercial satellite images, the company said.


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