Social Media Should Be a Priority for Every Small Business

By Katie Kabat

Due to the amount of time people spend on technology and social media nowadays, advertising has become almost completely digital. Social media is a way for consumers to learn and understand a brand before purchasing. Whenever I hear about a new trendy shop or cafe, the first thing I do is look them up on Facebook or instagram to see what their ambiance is like. It becomes more charming when I find out it is a local or small business.

However, not many businesses put much effort into their presence on social media. According to a recent study, 67% of customers base their purchasing off of a company’s online presence. Making and maintaining a social media presence can draw in more new customers, improve engagement, and build loyalty.

Being Discovered

An online presence helps existing customers keep up with the brand, but a strong and growing online presence brings in new customers and engages existing ones.

Social media is a your digital store. As your digital store, you need to know how total care of it. Knowing how to place it, publish it, and promote it using SEO and publicity experts would benefit the company immensely. Investing in online promotion can be the best thing you do for your business.

“As a small business, it is important to use social media to have a strong online presence. It is the most efficient way to introduce people to new products and grow your business.”

Valeria Barquet, Former Community Manager at Santdev S.A.


Engaging clients online is a good way to maintain their business. Not only will they keep coming back, they might also tell friends and family about it. It is best when customers can connect with people, not products. Establishing your brand on social media shows it as more than just a label. Through platforms like twitter, instagram and Facebook, a company can share photos, promote testimonials, and construct a strong record so their customers can understand the brand better.

This can work for small businesses because they can build on their ‘community’ appeal. Shopping local is becoming more and more popular. People want to support their community, and it gives small businesses an advantage in familiarizing their customers with their products and what their brand stands for.

Building Loyalty

Loyal customers are some of the most valuable people for a small business. They are able to count on their purchase to fund their financial needs. They are also likely to refer new customers to the store.

There are many strategies to building a loyal customer base. One of the most promising is to create a community around the brand. To do that, the brand needs to understand the qualities and interests of their customers. Local businesses have an advantage here as they are part of the community they are selling to. All these come together on social media.

Social medias are their own communities in a way. Small businesses sometimes bring their community together for small events to promote the business and the community. While this way to brand loyalty may take some work, it is worth it to have a strong message and a solid community.


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