Story of a Digital Marketing Consultant: Maksym Turyanskyy

By Silvia SALA

Today is the moment of introducing another of our former interns: Maksym Turyanskyy. He started his career as a Social Media intern at LSBC and now he is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Arrivalguides, A Lonely Planet Company.

What did you study at university?

My bachelor was in sociology and my master’s in Business Administration. During my last year, I specialized in Digital Marketing, and “Destination Marketing” was my thesis topic.

Have you always been interested in Digital Marketing?

I wouldn’t say so. I chose my bachelor’s faculty when I was only 17 years old; Actually, I didn’t have any specific idea about my future, and Sociology looked interesting. For this reason, after my graduation, I took some time to find out what I wanted to do.

During, I had some experiences then, I worked in a Marketing Agency in my home country and thanks to this job, I found out that Digital Marketing was my field. Therefore, I started my MA in this area, and in the last year of my studies, I got the chance to do an internship in Sweden, in the same company where I am currently working.

What did you do during this internship?

As an intern, I joined both B2B products (video, content) and B2C (destination marketing campaign, pdf guides). It was a challenging time because I, yes had some knowledge about marketing, but not specifically about the tourism area. In the agency where I had been working, my focus was local marketing, meanwhile ArrivalGuidesis a Swedish company dealing with clients all over the world. Their target was (and still be nowadays) international marketing. After two months there, my university put me in contact with the LSBC organization and suggested me to do an internship also there.

How long have you been at LSBC?

It was for 3 months and a half. At that time, I was living in Sweden, being an intern at ArrivalGuides, and working remotely with LSBC.

How was combining the two internships at the same time?

I won’t lie it was challenging. However, the two roles were quite related and in the same field. So, this helped for sure.

The big difference was the work environments. At ArrivalGuides I supported developing, optimizing, and setting up Marketing Strategies for a high budget company. At LSBC we were a smaller and NGO company. There I assisted Strahinjaat, planning a marketing strategy for the company; my main project was called Organic Marketing Strategy. Furthermore, as a Social Media Intern, I was responsible for the website content.

What did you learn at LSBC?

LSBC taught me how to work remotely and manage my tasks and time. This knowledge helped me to become more precise when planning the right strategy of marketing. Since I was doing both internships, I have learned how to keep myself updated about what is happening in different businesses and industries; which has given me a wider perspective of the Marketing role.

Also working at the same within two companies with different mentalities and working strategies enriched me as a person and as a worker. I am very grateful for this and to LSBC for the freedom and trust they gave me.

What are your current job and your main tasks?

I arrived at ArrivalGuides, now part of Lonely Planet Company, through my internship. Before my period there as an intern ended, they had proposed me to work remotely for them. Later, a big client assigned us a big project and since they put me in charge, I got the position of Digital Marketing Consultant; this is how ended in my current role at ArrivalGuides.

In the latest period, I handle Digital Marketing Campaigns on different social media channels and SEO optimization for our webpage. I also support Marketing-Automation, PayPerClick campaigns, and Marketing Optimization. I generate new content, create and analyze data, and study my company’s online performance. Moreover, I am responsible for our cooperation with different partners and control the creation of virtual traffic (e.g. how many people click on a specific link). Sometimes I must solve errors that may happen when using digital applications and tools.

Basically, my role is to assist and make sure that our team and marketing department can work smoothly.

During this time of COVID19, how has ArrivalGuides worked? Right now, most of the people can’t travel and move to other countries. How is your company facing it?

So far, we can still work. Some weeks ago, we also launched a new product, but I can’t further reveal details. We had been working on it since November and, despite this situation, we had to launch it, since we invested so much effort in it.

Speaking of marketing budget, my company maintain the same budget as last year but our activity increase by 40% compared to last year in this period. As you can also read online, Lonely Planet fired around 80% of its employees in both Melbourne (Australia) and London. Their publishing agencies stopped operating and they are not printing new guides. Only their online store is still working.

How do you imagine the future of your company’s industry? How tourism sector will look like in a few months?

Honestly, I don’t know. I have some mixed feelings about the certainty of my job. As my company relies on tourism, airports, and airlines (our major customers), My position itself and the work of other tourism companies are very uncertain. So, if this lockdown stays like that for other months, we won’t have any projects to work on; the clear example here is what happened to Airbnb. I believe that the travel industry will change and will need time to recover from this crisis; maybe in 2-3 years, the situation will be okay again.

What is the most important skill you would advise to learn to someone that wants to enter the Digital Marketing field?

You have to be a data-driven person. It is not enough to have good skills in planning campaigns. You must be able to read data, to know how to use it, and the most important is You need to understand the real value of it. So then you can be successful in this field.

My suggestion is to read articles about data, study data, do courses about it. Also, start with basics, learn how Google Analytics works. Find out how to understand and see patterns of people’s behavior in the online system.

Dear Maksym, thank you so much for this precious and insightful conversation. We enjoyed getting details about the role of a Digital Marketing Consultant and we hope that aspirants to this job will learn from your experience. Good luck in your future!