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The Great Lockdown & Global Pandemic

By Rebecca Sheppard

A sharp rise in COVID-19 cases has led to a second national lockdown. But to what extent does a national lockdown threaten small businesses?

According to ITC’s COVID-19 Business Impact Survey (2020), 60% of small businesses are struggling to cope with the negative effects of the global pandemic. However, it is much more damaging for SMEs, with 21% of them reporting the risk of shutting down within 3 months.

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5 Impacts of COVID-19 on the Global Business Market

By Elif Çalışkan

There is widespread agreement among economists that COVID-19 will have severe different impacts on the global business market. However, despite the danger that the global economy is in, there is a hope to avoid the worst-case scenarios. Because economy experts show us different impacts of COVID-19 and guides to eliminate the worst scenarios (Duffin, 2020). We will explain the 5 impacts of COVID-19 on the global business market.

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