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The Blockchain Academy courses about cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular, have been becoming more and more popular for years now. This decentralised cash system completely transforms our way of looking at money. But what are the advantages of all of this for you? Where to gain knowledge? Let’s find out and get to know The Blockchain Academy!

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Marco Houwen

Blockchain and DAO inspired – interview with Marco Houwen

The modern world has experienced an outburst of blockchain events recently. The hyping popularity of this technology has provided rich ground for fostering new business models and applications of it. The challenge that all ideators seem to face sooner or later is how to implement their ideas on the canvas of governmental and legal aspects.  LSBC has met with one of the experts in the area of the blockchainMarco Houwen, one of the leaders of Infrachain.

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Ivo Grlica on crypto-trading in the future

Ivo Grlica, our LSBC advisor and Blockchain/Cryptocurrency specialist, has posted an interesting article on Medium.com regarding crypto-trading and the government’s ability to tax crypto-trading on the basis of taxable income.

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Ivo Grlica: Is ICO taxable?

Is an ICO a taxable event for the EU VAT purposes?

Author: Ivo Grlica
CryptoLawyer, #Blockchain and #Cryptocurrencies specialist
Nov 9

Ivo Grlica: Smart Contracts #1

How to make smart contracts actually useful?
Or why smart contracts also require smart law

Author: Ivo Grlica
CryptoLawyer, #Blockchain and #Cryptocurrencies specialist
Oct 3

Svet kapitala, October 2017

“Slovenija bi bila lahko hub za tehnologijo podatkovnega veriženja in v novi kriptoekonomiji prevzela vodilno vlogo. Civilne pobude, med njimi luxemburški Infrachain, so korak k čimprejšnji regulaciji, ki si jo želijo tudi podjetja.”

Bo Sloveniji uspelo postati eno glavnih vozlišč nove kripto ekonomije?