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data-based advertising

Data-based Advertising

by Basheer Badran

Advertising is at the heart of our content experience online, and whether we know it or not, it is what funds our experience.

The ads we see online differ on how annoying or useful they are to us. Often, the more useful ads are the ones that are customized to our specific needs. But for some people, those ads also feel a bit intrusive. 

Data is used to identify what would appeal to 

us in ads that are tailored to our needs. And this information is collected by

 different parties based on our online behavior and our privacy settings. 

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Return on Ad spend

What is Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)?

by Basheer Badran

Return on Advertising Spend, ROAS for short, is a marketing metric that measures the efficacy of a digital advertising campaign.

That’s why advertisers use ROAS to judge the effectiveness of the money they spend on advertising. You can calculate ROAS by dividing the revenue generated from ads by the cost of those ads.

Return on Advertising Spend is similar to ROI (return on investment), but it only looks at the monetary return from a specific ad campaign.

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Brand Color Psychology

by Basheer Badran

The psychology of colour is one of the most interesting — and most controversial — aspects of marketing.

What is Brand Color Psychology?

Indeed, Brand colour psychology is the study of colour impacting the way we perceive brands. Colours do have a powerful effect on our emotions. Accordingly, these emotions play a central role in how we behave as consumers. In fact, Brand colour psychology provides a framework for understanding how and why we interact with the brands in our lives.

One of the most famous colour theorists, Faber Birren, wrote extensively on the link between colours and our emotional state, particularly in his book Color Psychology and Color Theory.

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Target Audience: how to define yours

by Basheer Badran

If you’re going to market to an audience, you’ll need to know who’s in that audience. Recent Pew Research data indicates that millennials have comparably different lifestyles than Baby Boomers and use technology in their daily lives differently than older generations such as Gen Xers.

Here’s a hint before we dig in: your target audience is not “everyone” (unless you’re Google). Your task in defining your social media audience is to identify and understand your niche so you can dominate it.

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All about Instagram Digital Marketing

by Basheer Badran

When trying to decide which social media platform to turn to for your marketing efforts, it all comes down to finding out where your target audience spends their time. The famous social network Instagram topped over a billion users in 2008.

According to Statista, more than half of daily users are under 34 years old, and the most extensive age bracket is 18 – 24years old.

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Social Media Demographics

by Basheer Badran

Understanding social media demographics will help you tailor your marketing strategy and, consequently, reach the right people with your message.

Indeed, 50% of the global population is using social media. That’s over 3.8 billion people, and the number is still growing. In 2019, on average, these users spent two hours and 24 minutes per day on social media across devices. Moreover, people between the ages of 16-24 spent close to three hours a day on social media.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing.

Email marketing can be complex.

Are you trying to achieve a measurable return on your email marketing investment? Maybe you’re trying to grow or retain your email subscribers and stay compliant with all these new email regulations.

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The world of Digital Marketing

The World of Digital Marketing.

Ready to jump into The Dazzling world of digital marketing. Whether you’re interested in social media or SEO, you’re probably wondering what it takes to land one of those coveted jobs. While understanding the trends, you also need to have these skills of evaluation.

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Top 3 Skills to Learn Immediately.

By Millena Kapamann

If your goal is to gain insight into the most valuable skills to have in business, you fall in the right place. Of course, there are plenty of skills that are also important but considering the general situation of the world, selling and generating revenue are the central goals of many companies. Thus, here is a small guide to learn about our Top 3 Skills in a short time and in a most efficient way.

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Make your Digital Marketing more efficient

Make your Digital marketing more efficient.

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

To make your Digital marketing more efficient it is necessary to take these things into consideration.

Businesses can’t survive today without a robust digital marketing strategy.

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