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The Digital Disruption of Business.

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

The Digital Disruption of Business that lies ahead can be a very alarming topic after Climate change.

Once upon a time business as usual was often good enough but, no more where we are going, good enough is dead.

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Digital Business Strategies and Change Management

By Aliu A. Onifade

While the use of Information Technology (IT) in driving business results in a transformational approach to managing business and organisations (a departure from the traditional functional approach), new perspectives of the role of IT in digital business strategy are emerging (Woodard et al., 2013).

Piccoli and Ives (2005), emphasise the efficiency of IT role in facilitating digital transformation from a digital strategy perspective. A digital strategy is a part of an overall business strategy. Digital strategy aims to improve the organisational and business processes through the use of technology. Most importantly, it helps to make a difference and improve overall business success and performance (Woodard et al., 2013).

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Why Digitalization Changes Entrepreneurship and the Business World?

By Tigran Ghalumyan

Profound changes in the economy and society through digital technologies – digitalization is a structural change process of a company and one of the most important management tasks of the coming years. Moreover, digitalization should be a top priority for businesses in 2020.

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Dnevnik, May 2019

If you are interested in implementing remote work then the following article is for you.

LSBC was invited by Dnevnik, one of the leading Slovenian daily newspapers to share first-hand advice, a few facts and the idea behind CISpace, a chain of coworking spaces.

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