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The Public Policy Role in the Entrepreneurship and in the Economy

By Tigran Ghalumyan

As long as institutions and policymakers interfere in shaping the business economy, public policy tends to be a significant determinant of economic development. Over the last few decades, all levels of government have been key players in fostering the entrepreneurial economy at the federal, regional, and local levels.

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Why Digitalization Changes Entrepreneurship and the Business World?

By Tigran Ghalumyan

Profound changes in the economy and society through digital technologies – digitalization is a structural change process of a company and one of the most important management tasks of the coming years. Moreover, digitalization should be a top priority for businesses in 2020.

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Virtual Roundtable: “Never waste a good crisis”

Doing business after Corona

LSBC in collaboration with SDBP, welcome all contributors to the economic sector, to join our Virtual Roundtable: Virtual Roundtable: “Never waste a good crisis” (Winston Churchill) – Doing business after Corona.

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make your remote routine eco-friendlier

5 quick steps to make your remote routine eco-friendlier

By Silvia SALA

In front of the latest consequences of environmental pollution, we at LSBC would like to contribute to share consciousness about living in an eco-friendlier way. In this article, you are going to read our favorite tips to make your remote routine eco-friendlier.

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sharing economy

The recent challenges of the sharing economy

During the recent health crisis and its impacts, this economy had to handle hard times, like all businesses. Why so? Let’s show you the major features of the sharing economy and the recent challenges that it had to face.

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Be creative at Poligon

Do you want to improve yourself? Want to make some new connections? Do you need some new ideas? The answer is Poligon! It is an incredible community for networking and self-employed people! Click on the link to find out more!

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A Freestyle Interpretation of Money

The Blockchain Academy wrote about the meaning of Money.

What is money?

Well, the question is one that needs much more than just a small reflection in order to be answered conveniently. But for the sake of easiness and simplicity, let’s try -humbly- to squeeze things down to under 300 words. Here we go!

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Marco Houwen

Blockchain and DAO inspired – interview with Marco Houwen

The modern world has experienced an outburst of blockchain events recently. The hyping popularity of this technology has provided rich ground for fostering new business models and applications of it. The challenge that all ideators seem to face sooner or later is how to implement their ideas on the canvas of governmental and legal aspects.  LSBC has met with one of the experts in the area of the blockchainMarco Houwen, one of the leaders of Infrachain.

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Hidden Champions

Hidden champions in the modern world

Hidden champions are relatively small (often S&MEs), but worldwide successful market-leading companies,.which are not widely known to the public. Their prosperity is explained by niche and often..technological orientation, innovative culture,.customer-centered philosophy, commitment to excellence in their area of operations. In addition, the know-how and expertise of such companies are implicit. This provides for their unique nature of success and, respectively, name.

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These are the most inclusive economies in the world

Slow growth and rising inequality have reached a tipping point in many of the world’s advanced economies. The World Economic Forum’s  Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2017lays out strategies for cutting the current vicious cycle of stagnation and polarisation of income and opportunities.

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