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What is Emotional Intelligence?

What is emotional intelligence?

The term, coined by researchers Peter Salloway and John Mayer in 1990, spread in 1996 from Daniel Goldman’s book entitled Emotional intelligence, why it can matter more than IQ.

This book describes EI as the capacity of the human brain to recognize feelings, both ours and others. It helps to motivate ourselves, and to manage emotions effectively in ourselves and others.

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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders.

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

when we first become managers or Leaders, Funny things start to happen. A lot of great practitioners become much less effective overnight when they move into a management role. Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill that every leader should work on to improve.

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3 Advantages of Emotional Intelligence in Leaders During a Crisis

By Katie Kabat

The crisis that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused lead us to analyse the leadership around us. Almost every organisation has dealt with unprecedented challenges, testing the leadership and values of each company. To successfully navigate through these uncertain and trying times, a leader must possess courage, focus, and mental as well as emotional intelligence.

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