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How to take advantage of the new social media boom!

Many businesses worldwide are taking advantage of the new social media boom for marketing and sales purposes. If you want your revenue to rise in these troubling introverted days you should take advantage of it too and this article will teach you the dos and the don’ts.

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How to Create Effective Marketing Texts for Social Media

To be honest, it can be quite hard to create effective marketing texts. As the author could tell you it is an art form, not everybody has the talent for. Nevertheless, most organizations need marketing of some, and social media marketing posts are the popular approach. Social media lets you communicate very freely to a great number of people. With well-written texts and some graphics, you can gain a lot of revenue with only a little investment.

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Coworking spaces: a growing trend all around the world

By Millena Kapamann

Coworking seems to be a regular part of life for freelancers, start-ups owners and entrepreneurs. When you walk into these spaces, you can notice right away how different it is from a regular office. 

This New-age concept where strangers share a space holds an electric and energetic atmosphere. The smell of freshly cooked coffees in the air, bold conversations running through groups, the steady mind: this is coworking culture…

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