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The 11 safest countries in the world for expats

Personal safety and security is one of the most important aspects to consider when moving abroad for work.

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Luxembourg – at the forefront of Europe’s purchasing power rankings

With a per capita purchasing power of more than 30,000 euros per year, Luxembourg is home to 540,000 of the EU’s wealthiest citizens. Even the difference to its neighbor Belgium is striking, according to the latest purchasing power figures for Europe prepared by RegioData. A Luxembourger living in the capital currently has an average per capita purchasing power of 36,000 euros per year. Only 1.5 hours away is the Belgian city of Liege, whose purchasing power is more than 40% lower. 

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Luxembourg has the highest proportion of millionaire households in Europe

Luxembourg’s proportion was higher even than in Switzerland according to the inaugural Wealth Report: Europe 2014, published by Julius Baer Group. In the report is stated that 22.7 percent of Luxembourg households owned a net worth of more than 1 million euros.

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