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succeed as a social media specialist

5 Skills to Succeed as a Social Media Specialist

By Imane Mdarhri

Succeeding as a Social Media Specialist is not about taking photos and publishing posters. Neither is it being online 24 hours. It is an integrated professional career, which required various skills and fundamentals to master.

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best european cities for co-working

The best European cities for co-working

By Silvia SALA

We previously talked about co-working and what you should look for when searching for a place. We also own our co-working space in Berlin, CISpace. Today we are going to focus on which cities are the best European cities for co-working.

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finding your dream job

4 Steps for Finding Your Dream Job

Everyone has some plans for the future but who really knows himself? Let’s learn together how to discover yourself and go finding your dream job.

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A Future Of Work–Silicon Luxembourg

How do you think the work in the future? Where and How will it be? Will Digital Nomadism be the mainstream… Let’s check the answer from LSBC Member – Silicon Luxembourg.

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