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5 Factors of Business Strategy

5 Factors of Business Strategy that Matter the Most for Your Start-up

By Bells Zhai

Business Strategy is the soul of every successful business, no matter SME or large enterprises. Since the pandemic, so many businesses are facing major challenges. It is time to take a serious look at your current business strategy to figure out a better survival plan. Or if you are brave enough to start your own business at this difficult time, you should have an even more cautious business strategy.

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Ways to Invest Online

Top 5 Ways to Invest Online

By Viktoriia Dorofeieva

The rapid development of information technologies has had an impact on virtually all spheres of human life. The number of Internet users is growing every year. The network allows not only to communicate, order various goods and services but also to earn well. In this article, you will discover opportunities to invest online.

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