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How To Best Deal With Post-Pandemic Office?

By Julia Cavalheiro

After the covid-19 pandemic made every person do home-office, the perception of office work changed a lot. With “normal work life” coming back it is complicated to strike the right balance between presence in the work environment and the work-from-home flexibility. With that in mind, we want to help you understand some things that can be considered when trying to navigate the post-pandemic type of office.

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An Image Shows a Focusing Working Environment with a Woman Sitting on a Chair

Working From Home: Dealing With Focusing Problems

by Ceren Gökhan

Our changing routines with the pandemic have of course reflected on our working life. Especially those who have been working from home for more than a year have been left alone with focusing problems. As a matter of fact, while it is very difficult to focus during your work, even in pre-pandemic life, it should not be strange that working from home makes it difficult.

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