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Doing Business in Slovenia: Tips for International Entrepreneurs

By Viktoriia Dorofeieva

CW Intern of LSBC

Slovenia is an attractive country for business. The very first information that appears in search results for “business in Slovenia” is the financial accessibility for building a business. In many cases, is provided the taxation’ system, calculation of revenue and expenditures for companies as well as worker’ salaries.

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illusion of control

Investing under the Illusion of Control

By Elif Çalışkan

The illusion of control is a cognitive bias which causes us to assume that we have exact control over the outcome of a situation when actually we do not. However, it is a very common strategy to cope with disappointments, difficulties, and other uncomfortable feelings (Aftab, 2013). The influence of the control bias can be insincere also during investing. We will explain 4 effects of investing under the illusion of control.

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