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Personas: Usability Testing

By: Aliu A Onifade

A classical usability test involves collecting data and information from situations. Here, representatives from the target user group use the product or a functional prototype of the product. Each of the participating persons performs a given set of tasks with the product. At the same time, design team members observe and record their attitudes and how they complete the assigned tasks.

The goal of usability tests is to evaluate a product about one or more of the basic usability indicators. This is also to gain empirical evidence about whether parts of the product (or parts of its design) needs to be improved.

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IT startups are the dominant leaders

Interview with Mario Peshev: IT startups are the leaders

By Imane Mdarhri & Yelda Simsek

Managing a startup is completely different from being a business supporter. From defining the problem, finding the right team to do with, sorting out all the logistics, convincing people to join your project, and ultimately to sell your brand you have to be patient, qualified, and most importantly rational/logical to find your way up to the leaders of the market.

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Data on the future will worth more than money so It will be the real capital of tomorrow

Data: the Capital of Tomorrow

By Imane Mdarhri

Capital in business is productivity and development. It also means benefits and goods. However, capital could be your team, your efficient strategies, or even your partners. But with the growth of Business intelligence and advanced resource management technologies, Data will be the capital of tomorrow.

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Meet the face behind #2 – Tomaž Kokot, CEO FlawlessCode

One of our LSBC members, FlawlessCode is an IT company with a small valuable team based in Maribor and founded in 2009. FlawlessCode offers IT solutions for various platforms and can solve any problems, we believe! They offer high-quality standards and put a big effort into testing.

Continue reading to know more about the company by the brief interview with Tomaž Kokot, the Chief executive officer at FlawlessCode.

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IT solutions at FlawlessCode

One of our newest LSBC members is FlawlessCode an IT company with a small valuable team based in Maribor and founded in 2009. FlawlessCode offers IT solutions for various platforms and can solve any problems, we believe! Continue reading to find out what they have to say about their successful business!

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LSBC introduced Flawless Code to the Honorary Consul of Slovenia

LSBC and LSBC Member Flawless Code are meeting the Honorary Consul of Slovenia in Luxembourg Mr Roland Streber.

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FlawlessCODE is participating in IT days!

Our member FlawlessCODE is participating in IT days event on September 27 in Luxembourg.

Discover more about FlawlessCODE and click in this link: What do they do and what is their mission?

Marco Houwen

Blockchain and DAO inspired – interview with Marco Houwen

The modern world has experienced an outburst of blockchain events recently. The hyping popularity of this technology has provided rich ground for fostering new business models and applications of it. The challenge that all ideators seem to face sooner or later is how to implement their ideas on the canvas of governmental and legal aspects.  LSBC has met with one of the experts in the area of the blockchainMarco Houwen, one of the leaders of Infrachain.

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Hidden Champions

Hidden champions in the modern world

Hidden champions are relatively small (often S&MEs), but worldwide successful market-leading companies,.which are not widely known to the public. Their prosperity is explained by niche and often..technological orientation, innovative culture,.customer-centered philosophy, commitment to excellence in their area of operations. In addition, the know-how and expertise of such companies are implicit. This provides for their unique nature of success and, respectively, name.

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HPC – Big Data Expert Mission

ProNewTech in Luxembourg is looking for an engineering company in Slovenia who is specialized in High Performance Computing and Big Data. The purpose of the mission will be to provide technical support to the ProNewTech team in order to develop a concept for the implementation of an HPC/High Performance Data Analytics.

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