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5 Factors of Business Strategy

5 Factors of Business Strategy that Matter the Most for Your Start-up

By Bells Zhai

Business Strategy is the soul of every successful business, no matter SME or large enterprises. Since the pandemic, so many businesses are facing major challenges. It is time to take a serious look at your current business strategy to figure out a better survival plan. Or if you are brave enough to start your own business at this difficult time, you should have an even more cautious business strategy.

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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders.

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

when we first become managers or Leaders, Funny things start to happen. A lot of great practitioners become much less effective overnight when they move into a management role. Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill that every leader should work on to improve.

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How to develop leadership qualities



Leaders never stop growing and developing they can keep themselves from falling into a comfort zone a great dangerous area of success and they are lifelong students.

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How to use Your Influence as a Leader

By Katie Kabat

Power can be utilised as a tool or a weapon, depending on how you are treating it. It is important for a leader to make sure that they use their power in a way so that they can encourage and lead their employees rather than tearing them down. Effective leadership includes the ability to invite others to share the responsibility and promote a general feeling of productivity. To influence others in a positive way is what the good leadership requires. There are 4 different types of leadership power that brings the best out of those being led.

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Leadership: What is Strategic Leadership For Entrepreneurs?

By Tigran Ghalumyan

So, the leadership of a company or an organization performs a demanding task that requires experience and good knowledge of human nature. Politicians, owners and managers of a company or an organization have the power to shape the culture and values of their organization and consequently the systems that will motivate citizens and employees for productivity and opportunities for professional and personal development and promotion.

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Why investing in Germany makes sense

Why Investing in Germany makes sense?

By Imane Mdarhri

Nowadays, investing is about finding equity between building a profitable business and maintaining human values. Germany does well in this area, and has turned around the tide and surpassed the stereotypes – from a country known for its unappealing past of antagonism to a land of peaceful coexistence. So, for businesses, why is investing in Germany a sensible option?

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Team Leader and Administrative Intern (Remote & Unpaid)

Job Description:

We look for a Team Leader and Administrative Intern to lead and manage the day-to-day activities of our team members and assist our Executive Director in conducting administrative tasks in our virtual multicultural environment. Daily, you are responsible for supervising, managing, directing and stimulating team members towards achieving set-out goals and objectives. Furthermore, you are the contact and touchpoint of all organizational members.

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So, you want to be an efficient worker and a leader in one?

Before the Slovenian public holiday, LSBC team met to learn about distributed and connected leadership. We took the opportunity to get the knowledge from Grace Rachmany, who together with Marco Houwen wrote a book SO, YOU’VE GOT A DAO…: MANAGEMENT FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. The book gives, among others, the answer how to manage efficiently in the age of remote work. Workshop with Grace gives even better opportunity to find out about weakness of your business, possible solutions for them, but also how to improve your business potential. With this help you will define your mission, core values and leave the workshop inspired, just like we did. The meeting took place in Poligon – the best possible spot in Ljubljana for remote working. Ready for achieve your goals? Start with checking the book: