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Content Creation: How To Create Content Online?

By Julia Cavalheiro

Nowadays big and small companies are realizing the power of marketing and content creation online. Nevertheless, being able to use these tools to boost your company can be tricky, especially for new businesses. With that in mind, we want to share with you some tips on how to start creating good content online and increasing your presence on social media.

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The Impacts of Marketing Strategies

The Impacts of Marketing Strategy Impacts on Consumer Behavior

by Ceren Gökhan

As a business owner, you can probably see the effects of the strategies you use on consumers. But have you ever thought about how these strategies work? On the other hand, as a consumer, have you thought about how the strategies used by businesses affect your consumption? Let’s take a look at how advertising, one of the most important steps of marketing strategies, affects consumers!

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Return on Ad spend

What is Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)?

by Basheer Badran

Return on Advertising Spend, ROAS for short, is a marketing metric that measures the efficacy of a digital advertising campaign.

That’s why advertisers use ROAS to judge the effectiveness of the money they spend on advertising. You can calculate ROAS by dividing the revenue generated from ads by the cost of those ads.

Return on Advertising Spend is similar to ROI (return on investment), but it only looks at the monetary return from a specific ad campaign.

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viral content

What Makes Content Viral?

by Basheer Badran

Whatever industry you’re in, going viral is

 the name of the game. You want as many

 people to view your content.

Before social media, any company that wanted to become a brand name had to flood the airwaves and that costs money. The world-famous, “I’d like to buy the world a Coke ad from 1971, cost $250,000 to make and far more than that to broadcast on every major television network, which was a staggering amount at the time. But now, any person with a cell phone camera, and a social media account can reach the same number of people if their content goes viral.

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Brand Color Psychology

by Basheer Badran

The psychology of colour is one of the most interesting — and most controversial — aspects of marketing.

What is Brand Color Psychology?

Indeed, Brand colour psychology is the study of colour impacting the way we perceive brands. Colours do have a powerful effect on our emotions. Accordingly, these emotions play a central role in how we behave as consumers. In fact, Brand colour psychology provides a framework for understanding how and why we interact with the brands in our lives.

One of the most famous colour theorists, Faber Birren, wrote extensively on the link between colours and our emotional state, particularly in his book Color Psychology and Color Theory.

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How to use Neuromarketing?

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

Is it possible to hack into the minds of consumers and influence their decisions?

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is the field of marketing that uses medical technologies such as fMRI – functional magnetic resonance imaging. Neuromarketing study brains responses to marketing stimuli, and that could be like a message or an ad.

Researchers used the fMRI to measure changes in activities in parts of the brain. They indeed wanted to learn why consumers make some decisions. What part of the brain is telling them to do it?

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Social Media Demographics

by Basheer Badran

Understanding social media demographics will help you tailor your marketing strategy and, consequently, reach the right people with your message.

Indeed, 50% of the global population is using social media. That’s over 3.8 billion people, and the number is still growing. In 2019, on average, these users spent two hours and 24 minutes per day on social media across devices. Moreover, people between the ages of 16-24 spent close to three hours a day on social media.

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The Best Marketing Strategies for Non-profit Organizations (NPO)

NPOs run on tight budgets and it can be tricky to raise awareness for your cause with limited funds. Luckily, there are marketing strategies for NPO that can be implemented to make the most of their pennies.

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Top Digital Marketing Trends to adopt in 2021

Top Digital Marketing Trends to adopt in 2021

By Imane Mdarhri

As 2020 was an unpredictable year, in 2021, we have to customize our decision making and be flexible in order to reshape our future plans, either as business managers, entrepreneurs, or freelancers. So, through this article, you will discover the Top Digital Marketing Trends to adopt in 2021 with an ambition to develop a long-term brand culture.

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A/B Testing Method

By Aliu A. Onifade

The internet provides developers of connected software an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate innovation by evaluating ideas and accurately using trustworthy controlled experiments (Kohavi, 2015). In particular, in marketing and web analytics, A/B testing is a controlled experiment with two variants A and B. More specifically, it is a form of statistical hypothesis testing or two-sample hypothesis testing as used in the field of statistics. Also, in online settings such as web design, A/B testing identifies the changes of web pages that increase the outcome of interest e.g., click-through rate for a banner advertisement (Kohavi, 2015).

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