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Benefits Of Business Networking: Why And How?

By Chin-Undram Odsuren

We live in an interconnected world. Everything is connected one way or another. In a world such as ours, businesses and individuals with good connections thrive. It is not only about partnership or employment, good networking also opens the door to mentors, investments, and invaluable advice! If you are trying to build your name in the competitive business world, discover how networking can help you from this article.

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Networking in Entrepreneurship: Why it is Important?

By Tigran Ghalumyan

Firstly, the term networking in entrepreneurship refers to creating and maintaining social contacts that can help businesses meet their needs. Nowadays, one of the most important things that entrepreneurs have to think about a lot is to strengthen their networks. Furthermore, it’s been said that business is all about who you know.

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The Era of COVID-19 and Online Networking: 6 Networking Tips to Build ...

By Hayriye Simay Tunçkılıç

We all have wished 2020 to be one of the most wonderful and prosperous years that we have ever experienced. Some of us wished for money, love, health even new networks, and much more. However, 2020 has turned out to be the most devastating year for all of us, the reason is quite simple.

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Data, The Root of Innovation and Decision Making

Experience Data: The Root of Innovation and Decision-Making

By Imane Mdarhri and Qingyi Xu

Experience Data is a young F5-Years-Start-Up using data as the root of innovation to drive results and enhance the decision-making process by using Artificial Intelligence technology.

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Tetiana Shmyhal. She worked with us as PR Intern and now, just after one year in Mercer, she is a Senior Specialist GBM Administration.

From Junior to Senior in One Year: Tetiana Shmyhal

By Silvia SALA

This Friday we would like you to meet another of our Former Interns: Tetiana Shmyhal. She worked with us as a PR Intern and now, just after one year in Mercer, she is a Senior Specialist GBM Administrator.

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The benefits of volunteering

Volunteering: the benefits of doing it

Have you ever thought about helping some associations in your city or packing all his stuff and volunteering abroad? Here it is why you should start now to do that!

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How Networking Benefits Your Business

Just started your business and seeking the sources of growth for your enterprise? Networking and collaboration with other entrepreneurs can be useful for fostering your business in many ways because business success depends not only on WHAT you do but also WHOM you know. Let’s discover the five advantages of networking for the business.

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Storytelling: how to use the stories to develop your businesses

Storytelling as a mastery to tell the story is a new trendy tool for business marketing. Phycologists say stories evoke emotions from people, thus, the information is remembered for a longer time. Therefore, storytelling is a marketing tool that can help to create a company’s image, to raise interest from the buyer, and increase the efficiency of the marketing campaigns. In this article, we will discover the five ways to use the power of stories for your business. 

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How to choose a co-working space?

When you are already familiar with what co-working space is, there arises one more question: How to choose a co-working space that will suit my needs? It’s not easy to choose one co-working space as each of them is offering something unique and there are opening new ones all the time. We have gathered some points to consider while choosing a co-working space.

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