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Where do Business Ideas come from?

By Alua Kassymbekova

Probably all of us have watched movies and read interviews of famous millionaires that made us think — how did they come up with their business ideas, so good and at the same time profitable? Well, there are several ways to start a business.

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sharing economy

The recent challenges of the sharing economy

During the recent health crisis and its impacts, this economy had to handle hard times, like all businesses. Why so? Let’s show you the major features of the sharing economy and the recent challenges that it had to face.

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best european cities for co-working

The best European cities for co-working

By Silvia SALA

We previously talked about co-working and what you should look for when searching for a place. We also own our co-working space in Berlin, CISpace. Today we are going to focus on which cities are the best European cities for co-working.

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working after the covid19

Working after the COVID-19 Pandemic: what is going to change?

How will it be working after the COVID-19 Pandemic? Will be there enough roles for everyone who may have lost their positions due to this crisis? Let’s express what we speculate it can happen.

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Start your Business

Consultant: Brilliant Ideas to Start Your Business

When people want to start their business, sometimes they will be confused about what kind of business to start but it is being needed by a network?
Actually, people can start a business where it has low risk and it even starts from ourselves, the answer is Consultant.
Nowadays, there is a lot of people build consultant business but it doesn’t mean we don’t have any chance to start this business, but why consultant?
These are the reason why you need to consider a consultant to start your business.

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Dnevnik, May 2019

If you are interested in implementing remote work then the following article is for you.

LSBC was invited by Dnevnik, one of the leading Slovenian daily newspapers to share first-hand advice, a few facts and the idea behind CISpace, a chain of coworking spaces.

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