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is remote work here to stay

Bye Bye My Cubicle, Is remote work here to stay?

By basheer badran

As the world slowly reopens, companies decide how the post-Covid workplace will be. Is remote work here to stay?

A study by Gartner surveys found that 82% of business leaders say their organizations plan to let employees continue to work from home at least some of the time. Instead, 47% plan to allow employees to do so permanently.  

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Office Parties: a Well Deserved Break or a Waste of Time?

Forgetting that there is currently a pandemic and assuming that someday we will go back to business as usual in the workplace, odds are you will probably find yourself at some version of an office party. Office parties often have mixed reviews. Some people see them as a reward for hard work and a nice way to relax at work, while others see them as a waste of time and money. Obviously, these opinions vary based on a number of factors.

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