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4 Ways Your Online Business Can Build Customer Confidence

By Katie Kabat

While building your online business, you must make sure that it works for not only you and your employees, but also for your customers. It can be tricky to prove a business’s value and credibility without a physical location.

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Online Meetings

Nailing Online Meetings

The outbreak of covid-19 has brought about groundbreaking changes to the majority of the population around the world. From the way you wake up and go to sleep and the way you work, nothing seems to be the same anymore. With a simple log into your Facebook account, you find all sorts of articles, news and views about the coronavirus – some pessimistic and some optimistic. However, I am sure another motivational speech is not what you need to get you going through the pandemic. Beyond any doubt, this is not a time in history where it is enough to know, you have to know-how.

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How to Deal with Online Reputation Management and Search Engine Reputa ...

By Viktoriia Dorofeieva

Usually, people think about managing a reputation when they have negative reactions to the company. When the company wants to improve the level of service – it uses different platforms for communication with the audience. It’s better to take care of the reputation from the beginning than to shovel out the negative in the future.

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