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Interview Project: with the Founder Nejra Mujagić.

By Millena Kapamann

For the April edition of our monthly interview project, we meet Nejra Mujagić, a civil engineer student that finally has created her organization.

In this article, you will learn more about her experience and mindset as a young founder. We will also display what general advice she may have for those who would like to take the same direction.

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Personas: Usability Testing

By: Aliu A Onifade

A classical usability test involves collecting data and information from situations. Here, representatives from the target user group use the product or a functional prototype of the product. Each of the participating persons performs a given set of tasks with the product. At the same time, design team members observe and record their attitudes and how they complete the assigned tasks.

The goal of usability tests is to evaluate a product about one or more of the basic usability indicators. This is also to gain empirical evidence about whether parts of the product (or parts of its design) needs to be improved.

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Understanding Organizational Culture

By: Aliu A. Onifade

Organizational culture is the most suitable way to behave in an organization. Particularly, this consists of shared values, beliefs, and communication of how to behave and interact, decision making communication, and the process of perception and reaction. However, considering the differences in organizations, there’s usually not a standard cultural template that should be followed accordingly.

Undoubtedly, organisational culture is an important tool for achieving a company’s goals and objectives. In other words, leaders and managers effectively implement the set objectives, because organisations communicate their values and norm better, through the orientation or mentorship scheme at the initial employment stage.

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