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The Power of Paradox: How to Rest Productively

By Chin-Undram Odsuren

Sometimes, less is more. It is especially true in a world where we celebrate hustle culture more than a healthy balance. For entrepreneurs who jump from one job to another, resting can seem a concept far too unfamiliar, perhaps even unnecessary. But ironically, taking your time to rest actually makes you go further! This article teaches how to rest “productively” and improve your productivity.

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How To Increase Productivity: A Step-By-Step Guide

By Julia Cavalheiro

If you have ever finished your workday with the feeling that you didn’t accomplish something. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Managing your time with all the things that have to be done by the end of the day can be very challenging. Because of it, we want to help you, with a step-by-step guide on how to increase your productivity. 

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How To Beat Procrastination While Working From Home

by Maria Alhais

If you’re currently working from home during the pandemic, you might face many external situations that challenge your focus during your daily tasks. Many people have encountered many difficulties in balancing their personal and professional life at the same time. Working from home has become a much common reality and sometimes it’s hard to stop procrastinating while trying to get down to business.

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Time Management: 5 Effective Tips to Manage Time

By Hayriye Simay Tunçkılıç

We live in times of consumption, everything happens fast and we consume everything rapidly. However, what we consume the most is our TIME. We have lots of responsibilities and not fulfilling them will cause some problems. The truth is, we need to produce out of consumption, and time management gets in the way!

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Talent Development: Boosting Employee Productivity

By Elif Çalışkan

One of the challenges in management has been applying effective talent development strategies to boost organizational performance and employee productivity. So, researchers in human resources management have stressed effective human resources strategies to boost productivity such as high-performance management, high-commitment management, high-involvement management, and strategic planning (Bhatti & Qureshi, 2007). Then, all those reveal a question. How can we implement those strategies to boost employee productivity?

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Cultural Diversity in Business

Cultural diversity in Business: When diversity becomes Blessing

By Imane Mdarhri

“Culture” is a term without a standard definition and a field featuring two contrasting sides. And because, the significance of culture is deeper, finding the right definition can be arduous. However, we can consider culture to be an open term with an individual and unique definition. Today, cultural diversity in business is a blessing.

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