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Where do Business Ideas come from?

By Alua Kassymbekova

Probably all of us have watched movies and read interviews of famous millionaires that made us think — how did they come up with their business ideas, so good and at the same time profitable? Well, there are several ways to start a business.

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The Best Free Resources for Startups

By Katie Kabat

Starting a company comes with many hidden costs with not enough money to cover the expenses. Especially at the early stage, free advice, tools, and resources matter more than ever. Whether you’re wondering how to build a social media following, attract press attention, build a great mobile app, or find non-cheesy stock photos for your investor deck, you’ll find a bunch of useful tools on this list of free (and cheap) stuff for startups. 

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Own Startup

Why Do You Need To Open Your Own Startup?

By Tigran Ghalumyan

Starting a new small business is not a small decision. It requires effort and time, strategic planning, and steel nerves. Stress is, of course, inevitable, as is this terrible feeling of uncertainty. Entrepreneurship has always been a way out with prospects for development, progress, and professional development. Today in many countries, entrepreneurship is seen as a solution to the problem of employment and tackling unemployment. That is why there are strong mobility and interest in starting new startup companies.

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Top 5 places in Europe to start your startup

By Katie Kabat

Every year we see more and more startups come out of Europe’s diverse economy. Undoubtedly, the COVID crisis has changed the dynamics of how companies are started and ran. Definitely now a days location wouldn’t seem that important, but the headquarters of any startup in today’s business world must have a good tech atmosphere. However, to keep up with today’s ever-growing online economy, here is a list of the top 5 places in Europe to start your startup.

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The Luxembourg Start-Up Scene

The Luxembourg Start-Up Scene

By Imane Mdarhri and Steph Tendero

Starting a business can be adventurous and full of risks. Yet, in a tiny country, the experience can be exciting due to the facilities and the richness of the Luxembourgish business market and the diversity of its startup scenario. Discover The Luxembourg Start-Up Scene and start planning your journey.

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IT startups are the dominant leaders

Interview with Mario Peshev: IT startups are the leaders

By Imane Mdarhri & Yelda Simsek

Managing a startup is completely different from being a business supporter. From defining the problem, finding the right team to do with, sorting out all the logistics, convincing people to join your project, and ultimately to sell your brand you have to be patient, qualified, and most importantly rational/logical to find your way up to the leaders of the market.

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Advertising: How to Behave during Self-isolation

By Viktoriia Dorofeieva

The pandemic has also reached marketing. Coronavirus and self-isolation have influenced consumer behavior and advertising perception. In order not to be among those who have left the market, companies are trying to adjust and run advertising at the appropriate level. New habits will remain with us even after leaving the self-isolation. And anti-crisis measures and ideas for promotion will be relevant for a long time. 

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Data, The Root of Innovation and Decision Making

Experience Data: The Root of Innovation and Decision-Making

By Imane Mdarhri and Qingyi Xu

Experience Data is a young F5-Years-Start-Up using data as the root of innovation to drive results and enhance the decision-making process by using Artificial Intelligence technology.

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sharing economy

The recent challenges of the sharing economy

During the recent health crisis and its impacts, this economy had to handle hard times, like all businesses. Why so? Let’s show you the major features of the sharing economy and the recent challenges that it had to face.

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roland streber

Interview with Roland Streber: Cybersecurity and Remote Work

By Silvia SALA and Qingyi XU

It was a Tuesday during the lunch break when Roland Streber, CEO of ProNewTech, found time to join our interview. He discussed with us what are his impressions about remote work and cybersecurity issues. Let’s read what he told us.

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