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“What is Beautiful is Good” – Beauty Bias in Selection

By Leonardo Almonti

Beauty bias in selection plays a significant role in the workplace and we cannot ignore it anymore!

If we are looking for the perfect candidate, we cannot afford any sort of distraction. However, as we know, the human mind is always up for distractions (e.g. Cognitive Dissonance, Halo Effect, Illusion of Control). This is due to the fact that our brain has to deal with several bits of information every second, and creates unconscious shortcuts in order to be able to process them. Among the many different shortcuts that can affect our judgment, there is one that is particularly interesting: the beauty bias in selection.

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stereotypical threats in the workplace

Analysing Stereotypical Threats in the Workplace

By Elif Çalışkan

Stereotypes are oversimplified generalizations about groups of people. They may be positive or negative. Stereotypes include judgments about a specific gender, race, age, or sexual orientation. Sometimes maybe even in the unconscious mind. People can often encounter these stereotypical threats in the workplace.  It is important to train employees to eliminate some stereotypes and provide awareness toward them. There are several forms of stereotypical threats that should be eliminated in the workplace.

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