Tag: Sustainability

How To Keep Up With The Shifting Consumer Taste

By Chin-Undram Odsuren

Nothing has been the same since the Covid-19 outbreak – the business world is no exception. After the weary lockdown, consumer taste and shopping habits turned more sustainable and inclusive. Let us save your time for research and present to you the changes so you are experts on how to turn them to your advantage!

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The Importance of Business Sustainability Strategies

By Maria Alhais

The world keeps evolving day by day. Organizations influent people, specialists, and even normal people and try to raise awareness of what’s going on in the world we live in. Deciding whether to incorporate business sustainability strategies in your company it’s not for discussion. Considering adopting some sustainability developing strategies can be beneficial to your company in long term.  

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Workplace Behaviour and Attitude: A study of Organisational Ethics and ...

By Aliu A. Onifade

Ethics can be defined as best practices that provide insightful knowledge about what is right or wrong in the workplace (Prabhakar, 2011). For example, products, services, and inter-personal relationships in a company are brought about by ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In most cases, ethical business practices yield success.

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