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The Most Essential Software for Working Remotely

These days established businesses and startups are transitioning to working remotely which presents many issues. To progress without issues in this new age and to onboard new employees without grueling, time-wasting training only the best remote software fits the bill. Recommendations for essential software are as follows:

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The Importance of Teamwork

The Importance of Teamwork.

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

How good can a team be? seriously, How powerful is teamwork? great teamwork, I mean to really ask that question. Who defines the limit of Teamwork? and what if we were to push that edge.

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Top 3 Tips for An effective Cross-Cultural communication

Top 3 Tips for An effective Cross-Cultural Communication

By Imane Mdarhri

Cross-cultural communication is the link that gathered humanity. The world has lived through wars, conflicts also crises, which have contributed to creating various cultural and social differences. Through this article, you will discover the 3 Tips for an effective Cross-Cultural communication, both in social life and the workplace.

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The Importance of Company Culture

By Katie Kabat

How the company culture affects the customer experience.

Keeping the company culture positive and strong keeps a company thriving for many reasons. A good, strong company culture brings in the best talent for the company, which makes it more likely to fulfil customer experiences, bringing the business closer to success.

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Collaborative learning creates a perfect team culture

Interview with the Former Intern Eleonora Zanetti: Collaboration build ...

By Imane Mdarhri & Qingyi Xu

Essentially, Leadership is about communication and collaboration. Through collaborative learning and a spirit of sharing, we can build a perfect team culture and get a successful team leader.

“A team leader position is a sort of a bridge between the admin board and the interns. But it should not be used to create a distance.”

Eleonora Zanetti

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