Tag: Virtual Teams

Gamification and Ice Breaking Activities in Business Life

By Yelda Vedia Şimşek

Gamification means adding game mechanisms into other environments like learning, managing, and businesses. This method aims to increase the loyalty of the users by using the participation and entertainment element. To sum up, Gamification makes the definition of friendly competition. On the other hand, ice-breaking activities are applications that improve team dynamics. These aim to instil in employees qualities like cooperation and self-sacrifice for a specific cause. As a result, icebreaking activities and gamification help warm up the conversation among the participants in a group. These also help improve the efficiency and competition of training or meetings by strengthening bonds between participants.

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Talent Development: Building Commitment in Virtual Teams

By Elif Çalışkan

Commitment has been defined as the degree of devoting the individuals to a set of behaviors that motivates them to act. Employee commitment has a positive impact on performance, productivity, job satisfaction, increased competitiveness, accountability, and organizational citizenship behaviors (Fornes et al., 2008).

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