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king worrier magician lover personality

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (KWML) in the workplace

by Basheer Badran

KWML is a method of personality assessment, friendship compatibility, and romantic fitness . Afterward, you might extend this concept to include relationships between coworkers and colleagues.

The concept became famous at the beginning of the millennium. It was popular among people interested in self-help and dating, especially after some seminars presented by Dr Paul Dobransky. In fact, he describes the KWML model as the most powerful story for romance, business, and social power you’ve ever read. 

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The Benefits Of Optimism

By Maria Alhais

Being positive about your future is an essential key to live a happy, relaxed life. Today I bring you the benefits of optimism, and why it’s so important that we talk about this as a business aspect.

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Halo effect

Halo Effect: A Constant Error in the Workplace

By Elif Çalışkan

Halo effect refers to the widespread human tendency that if a person possesses some positive or negative impression about the qualities of something or someone, his attributions will also be positive or negative (Cherney, 2019). The tendency is useful because it helps us to make quick decisions based on our past experiences or limited information but it can also lead to unfair treatments. Therefore, it’s important to realize halo effect and the impact it may have in the workplace (Miller, 2018). We will recommend some tips to eliminate the halo effect on underperformance, assigning tasks, acceptance of bad attitudes, and the recruitment process in the workplace.

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